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why work with Rich?


Over 10 years experience improving conversion rates and sales for all types of online businesses.

Focus on Sales

I’m focused on driving clients more sales, not just more conversions.

Real Web Analytics

My unique web analytics and usability background help give you even better website insights and recommendations.

Quick Results

My services have given clients great conversion rate lifts in less than a week (over 30%).

Author of Two Books

Author of two books on the subject – ‘Website Optimization: An Hour a Day’ and co-author of ‘Landing Page Optimization’.

Personal Attention

You get to work with only me – I won’t farm out your work to other consultants like some firms do.


“Rich’s review service was extremely helpful. He pointed out many flaws in our pages, suggested fixes for them, and provided A/B test ideas. His outside perspective was invaluable. Wish we had consulted him sooner!”


Jane Doe


Rich helped increase my conversion rate by 30% in less than a week with his review!



John Doe

Rich is a great outside perspective on your website. In a remarkably short amount of time he reviewed our website live with us on a video call and gave very concrete, actionable feedback.


John Doe

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